How safe is your home from cybersecurity threats?

Cybersecurity isn't just for businesses.

Let us prove how our certified cybersecurity professional can help protect you, your family, and your home against common cybersecurity threats. 

Is your home vulnerable to a cybersecurity threat?

Ransomware. Stolen passwords. Security breaches.

Unfortunately, many people believe that these cybersecurity issues affect only businesses. However, contrary to popular belief, the fact is that homes are just as likely – if not more likely  – to have one or more cybersecurity vulnerabilities. For example, did you know that some home Internet installers don't change the factory-set username and password on modems and routers, and – here's the scary part – that those factory-set usernames and passwords can be found on the Internet?

Our home cybersecurity plans will identify and remedy common cybersecurity threats to help protect your home from cybersecurity vulnerabilities.
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Do your modem and router use their factory-set username and password settings?
Does your router allow unrestricted port access to your network?
Does your wireless network broadcast its access information to your neighbors?
How secure are your smart home technology devices, such as game consoles and virtual assistants?
Do your guests and visitors have unrestricted access to your wireless network?

Explore our home cybersecurity plans.

All of our plans include an onsite evaluation by a background-checked cybersecurity professional, and payment is not due until the time of service. 


Onsite Service
Protect Modem
Protect Router


Onsite Service
Protect Modem
Protect Router
Protect Computers
Protect Tablets


Onsite Service
Protect Modem
Protect Router
Protect Computers
Protect Tables
Protect Smartphones
Protect Smart Devices

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