Complete Home Cybersecurity Plan

Our Complete Home Cybersecurity Plan is perfect for larger households who want to keep their wireless network, computers, and other home devices private and secure.
Bitdefender Bronze Partner
We'll install and show you how to use Bitdefender Box 2, a revolutionary device that seamlessly integrates into your home network and hardens it against unauthorized connections and other cybersecurity vulnerabilities.
We'll install and show you how to use Bitdefender Total Security, a renewable subscription service that protects all of your home devices from malware, ransomware, and other cybersecurity threats.
We'll install and show you how to use Bitdefender Home Scanner, a free tool that scans for vulnerable devices and passwords.
We'll install and show you how to use a virtual private network, which allows you to browse the Internet safely and privately, including over public wireless networks.
We'll provide super-friendly onsite service by a certified and background-checked professional.
We'll scan your wireless network to identify each connected device.
We'll install a safe username and password for your modem and router, and we'll even show you an easy method for you to remember them.
We'll prevent your router from publicly displaying the name of your wireless network to neighbors and anyone else near your home.
We'll prevent your router from connecting with unapproved devices.
We'll program your router to prevent specified devices from accessing the Internet during certain days or hours.
We'll scan your home devices for viruses, malware, and other security threats and weaknesses.

Only $249. Installation included.

Price does not include applicable state sales tax or annual renewals to Bitdefender Total Security.
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